We are Little Red Flame, a digital native marketing agency. We help businesses in cultural, media and content sectors succeed and provide solutions for digital marketing strategies. Not only by developing strategic direction, but also by guiding the implementation, every step of the way. We have great respect for the people, or “Flames”, that light up  a company’s business definitions. We believe that these Flames need to be fueled, for them to expand to their full potential.


Little Red Flame was founded by Senior Marketeer, Brent Renniers in 2018. After working for several international brands, Brent acknowledged the need for easy acces digital marketing support. As the media landscape is changing rapidly, the need for expert marketing grew. Especially in the digital domain companies find it hard to keep up. Getting cought in the day to day business or not having the right expertise on board, is usually the reason for the lack of marketing development.


This is where Little Red Flame makes a difference. We are a multidisciplinary agency with tons of experience of digitalizing a business and developing marketing efforts.

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