Little Red Flame was founded in 2018 by Senior Marketeer Brent Renniers. He saw the way companies were struggling to develop their marketing efforts into the digital domain, and acknowledged this at global enterprises as well as smaller businesses. After working for several global organisations, Brent started an agency that easily “plugs in” and provides accesible solutions for marketing strategy, digital development and campaign management.


Depending on the level of digital marketing expertise within a company, Little Red Flame is able to add value wherever needed.

With a multidisciplinary skillset Little Red Flame adresses the way digital marketing “sits” within a company. Knowledge of marketing developments and most particular, withing digital marketing, can vary through the different layers of a company. Therefore Little Red Flame is able to service the whole organisation, creating commitment and stakesholders throught out the different departments, ensuring a viable long term strategy.



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